When you walk through the Joslyn Castle neighborhood, you see the results of our association’s efforts wherever you turn. In partnership with the City Parks Department, we worked to create and maintain Clarkson Park. We organize neighborhood clean-up days, plant trees on our parkways, keep our Little Free Library stocked with books, advocate for our neighborhood in issues of zoning and regulations, and keep
our neighbors informed about issues important to you.


Above all, we work to help neighbors get to know each other, and we respond to issues brought forward that affect our neighborhood. We do whatever we can to leave our corner of the world better than we found it.


Please visit our Events page to see what’s coming up in your neighborhood. If you have issues or concerns, please reach out to us through the Contact page. You can also join the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association or renew your membership by visiting the Join Today section of this site.


We look forward to meeting and working with all our JCNA neighbors, here where we believe every home
is a castle.



to the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association!